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Bindr Officially Joins AlphaLab 2024 Cohort

The New LGBTQ Leader in Dating Takes First Funding

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
: Bindr, the new LGBTQIA+ dating app, has achieved a significant milestone by securing a spot in the AlphaLab accelerator program based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This opportunity not only marks a pivotal moment for Bindr's growth but also represents the app's first steps into external investments.

Less than a year ago, Bindr gained widespread attention when Mary Richardson, the CEO, won first place in the Invent Penn State IncU Pitch competition. This success propelled her to win several other competitions and also helped her acceptance into the Happy Valley Launchbox Summer Founder’s Program. This pivotal experience played a crucial role in continuing to shape Bindr into the innovative platform it is today.

Since those programs, Mary has gone onto win a Women In Technology Award for Diversity and Inclusion and has now been featured as an industry leader alongside other major competitors such as Bumble and Tinder.

As Bindr aligns with AlphaLab, renowned for nurturing startups, the fusion of resources sets the stage for robust growth. This collaboration positions Bindr at the intersection of innovation and inclusivity, promising an evolution of features and experiences for its diverse community of users.

This infusion of external investment will fuel Bindr's expansion plans, building upon the strong organic growth that has propelled them thus far in a remarkably short time. Bindr envisions incorporating cutting-edge matchmaking algorithms, hosting exclusive events and meetups, and implementing advanced security measures.

Mary Richardson, Bindr's CEO, expresses enthusiasm about this strategic move, stating, "This marks Bindr's first external investment, a testament to our commitment to enhancing the platform and providing an even more enriching experience for our diverse user base. Winning the Invent Penn State IncU Pitch competition less than a year ago set us on a trajectory of success, and the Happy Valley Launchbox Summer Founders Program played a crucial role in our journey, but now we are taking the new big steps forward for Bindr."

Looking forward, Bindr plans to utilize the funds to secure a prominent presence in Pride events, embark on its first paid marketing strategies, and further the development and innovation of the platform. Make sure to look for the Bindr tent at your local Pride!

As Bindr embarks on this transformative journey with AlphaLab, redefining the landscape of label-free dating, users can anticipate a wave of innovative features that will further augment their dating experiences. For press inquiries or more information, please contact media@bindr.dating

About Bindr: Bindr is an LGBTQIA+ dating application that doesn’t require it’s users to enter their sexual orientation. Creating a safe place for those who are open about their sexuality and those looking to explore it.

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