The fastest growing bisexual, lesbian and LGBTQ dating website & app. Bindr is the only free to use bisexual dating app.

Your identity shouldn't be defined by labels.

Bindr is designed to be label free, you don't need to define yourself as bisexual, lesbian, gay or straight. You should be able to select the type of person you're interested in seeing, we leave all options on by default and you choose. We're making a new dating app and community that's never been done in this way before.
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The only truly free bisexual website & app

Bindr is the only free bisexual app & website that's on the market. All members can match & message each other for free. We wanted to create a safe & mainstream app for our community. #forusbyus

We're a company on a very important mission.

Here at Bindr, we care about our community. We're not only dedicated to providing a safe place for the LGBTQIA+ community to meet new people, we're also looking to make a real impact. We're partnering with local organizations to bring our users real time resources based on their location. It's time to look at things a bit different. We believe if we want to help create the best lives for our community, we need to provide help beyond dating.

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We're poly and couple friendly dating.

We're poly dating & couple dating positive. We support ethically non-monogamous relationships and marriages that support a safe dating space within our community.

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"I honestly gave up on dating apps, they all failed or didn't represent me. I found myself banned or feeling excluded. This is the first time I've ever felt like I belong somewhere."
"I already have your app and it's awesome, honestly nothing compares to your customer support & it's the best here in Philly."
"Living in a rural area it's really hard to be a lesbian, my family doesn't know, my college doesn't know but what this represents, represents me. This makes me feel safe and included."
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